Using Angel Healing

We all have a Guardian Angel who helps and supports us throughout our lifetime and who’s role is devoted entirely to looking after us. There are many different types of Angels and many Angels have specific roles. Archangel Raphael helps with holistic and spiritual well-being, Archangel Michael will protect us or our loved ones when traveling, Archangel Gabriel helps us find clarity and new insights into situations. However, Angels cannot help us unless we ask them to. If you would like more detailed information about Angel’s, Diana Cooper’s website is particularly useful.

Karen discovered the power of Angels back in 2000 when she began channelling the Angels amazing restorative energies. From experience and knowledge gained from undertaking numerous holistic courses, Karen discovered she could not only channel these energies in one to one sessions but could also just ask the Angels to help restore, balance and assist a person holistically.

“I found that I am able to conduct or channel spiritual energy very easily to help my clients with their issues.”

Karen originally worked for many years with clients using diagnostic skills formulated from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology and Dowsing techniques and then to work through each issue.

It wasn’t until 2010 the seed of an idea in how to help people on a much larger scale developed. Karen decided to set about developing a new format people could use for themselves.

However, the protocols Karen was using back then were not going to work if people were to use these energies for themselves. So Karen’s aim was to find a method by which to channel vibrations directly to the client.

Over a period of several years Karen developed what is now known as Angel Healing Master Code. A downloadable track which is easy and convenient to use on your computer, tablet or phone. Thus, Angel Healing was born and added to as Karen discovered more and more ways to work in partnership with these amazing powerful Beings of Light to help herself, clients, family, pets and friends.

Requesting the restorative powers of Angels is now made easy by just downloading Angel Healing Master Code to your computer, tablet or phone. Angel Healing Master Code is a non-invasive download track which is designed to help balance and restore holistically. In Traditional Chinese Medicine vital energy flowing in our energy bodies is known as Qi/Chi. Angel Healing assists in bringing about balance and a sense of wellbeing by freeing up energy.

Angels will know exactly where to send any energies you require each time you play your download to bring about a sense of well-being. All that is required once the track has finished playing is for you to express gratitude by simply saying thank you.

Using Angel Healing is very simple and easy to do, once purchased simply go to your iTunes library or wherever you store your MP3 files and press play. For more instructions go to Download Angel Healing

No claim is made Angel Healing Master Code can treat specific illnesses or disease.