Feeling hugely better

I had been feeling out of sorts and lethargic for some time. Karen came to the house and discovered there were powerful geopathic stress lines that crossed underneath the bed in our bedroom. She said that this would account for being so tired and having disturbed sleep patterns. We have now moved into another bedroom and feel hugely better.

The following is the account of one of my friend’s sons

I had been subbed off the football pitch after injuring my knee but went round to Karen’s afterward. She dowsed and did some other things and by just spending time around the house my knee felt better and better throughout the day to the point that by the time I was picked up I had forgotten my knee had been injured that morning. It had repaired/mended without me even realising anything was happening.

I felt reenergised and a release of emotion

I was experiencing low energy and muscle pain. Karen did some muscle testing and dowsing to locate the problems. She discovered emotional problems including grief, shock, and trauma associated with a miscarriage, she even identified the age at which I had miscarried. After Karen had addressed the issues I felt reenergised and a release of emotion. 

I would send others to Karen to ask for help with any condition

I first asked Karen for help almost casually and was interested in her immediate response.  She began to give me feedback on what she was reading from how my body was (not) functioning. She then used her ‘code‘ to address the issues.  

I can’t say I understood what she was doing or how she was doing it, she did, however, impress me with her knowledge of the body’s function and also of Chinese medicine and other alternative therapies. I judged that she knew what she was doing.

I went to her for subsequent sessions and received from her further improvement, which did not involve any hands-on or invasive treatments nor the purchasing of supplements, just sending messages to my body, a sort of code is how she described it.

This was hard to understand, but I knew I trusted her and that she had a clear vision and drive to give help, and that was enough for me.

The sessions I had with Karen did improve my health and energy levels and the evidence of that was clear for which I am very grateful. I would send others to her to ask for help with any condition.