Angel Healing Master Code [Download]


Angel Healing Master Code can be downloaded onto your computer, tablet or phone and played to facilitate energetic healing for yourself or for other people or pets that you may wish to request healing for on their behalf.

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Download Instructions

How to download:
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File downloads immediately after clicking on the link in the email

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Trouble shooting
Mp3 files are normally downloaded into a default folder called ‘My Music’ on most laptops/PC’s unless you have opted to have your MP3 files automatically go to your ‘iTunes library’.

To easily locate the file, just check your ‘download’ folder on any device to find the last file you downloaded.

Storing MP3 files
We suggest you make a special folder for all MP3 files to go into. Dependent on your web browser, whenever you download, you get a dialog box that prompts you to ‘Run, Save or Cancel’ the download. Once you click on ‘Save’, it tries to save the file in the current default location. You can either accept the default location or simply change it to a location/folder of your choice. If you choose to change the location, then the new location will become the default download location in the future.

Instructions for use

Please follow the simple instructions below before playing the track.

1.It is extremely important to play the download or CD from start to finish, never start mid-track.

2. Use the track 2-3 times per week or everyday if you wish. The track will play for around 5-10 minutes.

3. When listening to the track please remain still during and for several hours afterwards to allow the download to finish assimilating. You may want to use this time to meditate, watch TV or perhaps listen to some music.

4. Reactions to the download can vary tremendously and everyone is different. If there are any concerns please contact your medical practitioner immediately. It is not unusual to feel extremely tired after playing the download. If this is the case DO NOT undertake anything strenuous. No responsibility can be taken for any symptoms or effects which may be experienced and the use of Angel Healing Master Code is solely at the recipients own risk.

5. DO NOT drive, operate any heavy machinery, exercise, do anything strenuous or undertake anything which requires concentration while playing the Angel Healing Master Code download or for a period of time afterwards.

6. I suggest using Angel Healing in the evening or other quiet times when you have no other commitments.

7. Drink plenty of water after playing the download.

8. Angel Healing Master Code may be used for weeks or months to produce best results.

9. Take Essential Fatty Acid supplements even if you consume oily fish.

10. It is advisable to be checked regularly with your medical health practitioner if you already have a pre-existing condition and/or are receiving treatment.

11. Use Angel Healing Master Code for as many people/animals as you like, but only insert one name each time you play the download, putting multiple names in at a time wont work. Just follow the instructions on the download.

12. To protect the integrity of this Divine Healing, Angel Healing Master Code has been programmed to stop any unauthorised or illegal recording. This means only original downloads of Angel Healing Master code from this website can be used and transferred onto a maximum of 2 devices only.