How would your life change if you could achieve optimal health and wellness?
Do you have debilitating health conditions which impact on your ability to live a full and meaningful life?
Can you imagine what it would be like to be free of pathogens, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, digestive, eczema or sleep problems for example.
What would it feel like to be free from chronic conditions?
Have you been told there is no known cure or treatment for your condition? Or has there been no satisfactory diagnosis?
Would you welcome being able to take control of your own health?

Good health is an investment not a cost. Without our health we have nothing. We cannot enjoy life without it. Ill health stops you from travelling, distracts you from fully engaging with your family or friends, stops you working. It can make you fearful and anxious. In short, living a less than healthy life means we cannot live our lives to our full potential.

For any long term fix for wellness issues, we need to address the underlying causes.

Treating purely symptomatically is like dressing a festering wound without removing the splinter.

Our bodies have the most amazing ability to heal themselves if we can assist them to remove the original cause of our problems, helping to bring about long term solutions for debilitating life issues instead of managing them in the short term.

It is a sad reality that it is virtually impossible to protect ourselves from the extremely high likelihood of being contaminated by toxins as they become more and more numerous in our environment and the products we use. Added to this there are the increasingly stressful lifestyles we lead, long term emotional and mental pressures, pathogens, traumas, physical injuries, genetically inherited problems, emotional and mental health are all among the potentially harmful issues which can be contributory factors to sabotaging our wellness. These pollutants can build up within us undetected to taint and snarl up the workings of our beings and can come from a multitude of sources from the food and water we eat and drink to the air we breath, the products we put on our skin, genes we inherit from our ancestors, agriculture, petrochemicals, electromagnetic radiation effects etc etc. Our world is becoming more and more intensely impacted with each new product that makes it onto the market.

So how would it make you feel if you could safely and easily remove these poisons from your being on a daily basis? How do you think your vitality and energy would improve if you could use a product that not only helped energetically maintain your health but also improved wellness by removing the potentially harmful effects of these trigger factors behind your condition?

I believe as a complementary therapist of over 25 years, you do have the power to change your life, you can be in charge of the health of your body and steer it back to wellness.

Many people who come to me, have unresolved conditions coming through the usual healthcare channels. Having been given no definitive diagnosis or long term symptomatic reduction for their illnesses, leaving them feeling frustrated and fearful as to what their long term quality of life will be.

Clients are often amazed by how my dowsing can quickly identify the potential causes of their condition, when they contracted their problems and how Angel Healing can help resolve these issues. For some it is a relief to understand what the underlying causes are and to know there is something that can be done to help them.

Angel Healing Master Code download and Angel Healing Essence have been developed to help the body target and energetically release potentially harmful pollutants contributing to your condition. By using Angel Healing products you can help take back control of your own wellbeing/energetic health if used over a period of weeks and months. This process peels back these issues one by one, correcting imbalances and thereby giving relief and a renewed sense of wellness.

Using Angel Healing Master Code and Angel Healing Essence will help you to resolve feelings of helplessness and fear relating to your condition and will infuse you with a greater sense of self empowerment, enable you to take back control of your life and over time, helping to return an ever strengthening sense of vitality and wellness.

Perhaps this is a state of being you may not have experienced for many years and now are ready to try something new.

My passion for researching and discovering the underlying causes to so many of the conditions we now face in the 21st century, has lead me on a 25 year journey into the subtle workings of our beings. How these energies interact with our physical body and what can be done to address these issues.

Over the years, through working with many modalities of healing, I have discovered the amazingly intricate and hidden, but nonetheless essential, subtle workings of our beings and how we can interact with them to help bring about powerful regenerative responses within our bodies. My knowledge has been drawn from Kinesiology, Muscle Energy Technique, Quantum Shen (similar to Reiki) diagnostic dowsing and the 4000 year old philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine.

I have combined this powerful knowledge underpinning these therapies, plus information learned from many other sources, to create what I now call Angel Healing Essence and Angel Healing Master Code - so named because of the exceptionally high vibrational quality of this modality.

Angel Healing Master Code can be downloaded onto your computer, tablet or phone and played to facilitate energetic healing for yourself or for other people or pets that you wish to request healing for on their behalf.

Angel Healing Essence is a liquid tincture administered by applying only a few drops under the tongue, placed in a glass of water or used in an air diffuser.

I recommend using Angel Healing Master Code or Angel Healing Essence twice weekly over the period of months for initial benefit and thereafter to be used regularly (once a week is recommended) to help combat the daily exposure of pollutants from our environment.

karen Cracknell